Letters for persecuted, orphaned teen

By May 20, 2013

Colombia (MNN) — A teenage boy, Hernan, and his siblings face an unknown future because their parents wouldn’t back down from sharing Christ.

Two years ago, Hernan’s father was ministering God’s love to the people of Colombia, and many came to know Christ.

When Colombian rebels tried to recruit new believers to their cause, they were turned down. The rebel group saw Hernan’s father and his ministry as a threat, so they killed him.

After Hernan’s father died, his mother carried on the ministry. The rebels were still angered and killed her on January 7 this year.

Hernan at the time was not a Christian and wanted to take revenge on the rebels who killed his parents. But Open Doors USA worked with Hernan in their program for the persecuted church. Hernan’s heart was changed, he accepted Christ as his Savior and was baptized.

Currently, Hernan is in charge of his two younger sisters: Rosmy, 9, and Jaqueline, 7. They temporarily live with their older brother and an aunt and uncle.

One month after their mother’s death, the kids were visited by Open Doors staff. The staff told Hernan, “We’ve come to learn what your needs are and to tell you that Christians all over the world know your names and are praying for you.”

“I give thanks from the bottom of my heart to know this,” Hernán said. “My little sisters are going through a particularly difficult time.”

Open Doors wants to uplift Hernan and his siblings especially as they try to figure out future unknowns. You can write a letter of encouragement to Hernan through Open Doors. Click here to learn more.

Please pray for Hernan and his family. Pray for their faith to grow in Christ and for their witness.

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