Liberian government praises ministry efforts

By March 23, 2010

Liberia (MNN) — World Hope International is training people to fight human trafficking in Liberia. Their work in the country has drawn

The Liberian government and the United Nations recently released a
report detailing the state of the problem in Liberia. Entitled, "Situational Analysis of Human
Trafficking, Especially Women and Children in Liberia," the report praised
World Hope International and their faith-based partners for their steady
progress in this area. 

Here is an excerpt from the report: "There have been
some notable efforts to raise awareness of Liberians on human trafficking
issues, although it is still a major challenge. Over the 2004-2007 period, with
funding from the U.S. Department of State, World Hope International (WHI) and its
partners the Salvation Army (TSA) and the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and
Trafficking (FAAST), launched 27 anti-trafficking community groups including
269 community members. They organized 38 dramas and skits and 5 weekly radio

According to the U.S. State Department's 2008 TIP report,
"Liberia is a source, transit, and destination country for children
trafficked for forced labor and sexual exploitation. Most victims are
trafficked within the country, primarily from rural areas to urban areas for
domestic servitude, forced street vending, and sexual exploitation."

WHI began their anti-trafficking work six years ago, finally
getting help to form a faith-based partnership just three years ago. In Lofa
County, World Hope International has run 14-15 workshops in local communities
through its VPGs (Village Parent Groups), often in the vernacular, with the
assistance of a translator.

These workshops are often held on market days, where a CD is
played, followed by scenarios and question-answer sessions. There are also more
targeted workshops for school administrators, teachers, health workers,
traditional leaders and youth groups.

The project provides
emergency care for TIP victims, increases public awareness on TIP issues
through communications, provides education and job training to victims, and
works to create anti-trafficking networks/referral systems that link
communities, law enforcement and service providers.

Since the work started here, WHI has helped 80 survivors of
trafficking find a safe haven and get back on their feet. The ministry also has trained more than
700 law enforcement agents and over 1,000 citizens on how to prevent, identify,
track and report cases of human trafficking. 

Keep praying for the teams. Through their work, they are
living out the Gospel, sharing the love of Christ for people and sharing their
Christian faith. 

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