Liberian village trades ancient human sacrifice for Christ’s sacrifice

By October 17, 2019

Liberia (MNN) — A village in Liberia with a gruesome history now has new purpose. Over a century ago, villagers buried six girls alive as a sacrifice for power. They then erected six stones on the sacrificial grounds and worshipped these stones as a symbol of power bought with blood.

This is the village where an evangelist and his team with Sharing God’s Abundance (SGA) recently traveled to share the Gospel.

brown ball python, liberia

(Photo courtesy of Jessy Hoffmann via Unsplash)

Helen Williams with World Missionary Press, a ministry partner of SGA, tells what happened next: “As they came along the trail, there was a snake that had been planted on it. It was a big deadly snake…. They say if it bites you, you will not live. So, in other words, they had kind of mined the road to get in. It was planted there so that this man wouldn’t be able to bring the Gospel into this area.”

A few of the team members accidentally stepped over the snake, thinking it was just another tree root. Miraculously, the snake did not strike.

“When he got to the village, everybody was stunned that he was still alive!” Williams says. “Three days later, the town chief and the villagers accepted Christ and removed all six of the stones that were a memorial for the six girls who had been sacrificed.

“Now the snake is dead, victory was won over Satan, and God’s light will run where the darkness was.”

SGA is a respected ministry in Liberia providing aid and spreading the Gospel — even where others hesitate to go. World Missionary Press provides SGA with Bibles and Gospel materials to distribute in Liberia and receives their reports from the mission field.

As Liberian villages embrace the Good News of Jesus, neighboring villages often notice the transformation and start asking questions about the God of the Bible.


(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Williams says SGA’s recent report stated they are in desperate need of more biblical literature.

“We have a shipment on the books for Sharing God’s Abundance. It’s one million pieces in three languages — English, French, and Bassa. So we need funds for production so that we can get our production up so that we can get this out.”

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“We need to get the material there. They are itching, ready to go. Sharing God’s Abundance sent me a letter signed by their directors in 15 [Liberian] counties thanking us and saying…they’ve been asked to go into other countries, and they are also going to Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea and Sierra Leone. So they were looking forward to another shipment. They rely on it.”


(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Please pray for wisdom as World Missionary Press juggles the needs of several ministry partners.

“It’s hard sometimes to have all these orders on my desk…for 120 million booklets and to decide, ‘Okay, which ones are we going to print now?’ when everybody needs them right now. So we need wisdom. We need God’s direction in how to handle some of these things and how to plan the production so that we…get them to people.”

Williams also asks for prayer for the missionaries in Liberia. “[Pray] that God would protect them, that their faith would be strong, they would be bold, and that the Lord would honor that by bringing many to the Kingdom.”



Header image courtesy of Sharing God’s Abundance.

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