Libya tries to squelch anti-government protests and news

By February 23, 2011

Libya (MNN) —
Libya's Moammar Gadhafi is using
drastic measures to try to wrestle control back from the anti-government

After telling them he would not tolerate any opposition to
his power, he tried to quell the
uprising by calling air strikes on them.

Not surprisingly,
Libya has also experienced "rolling blackouts" of its internet and mobile phone
connections during the uprisings.

Rex Rogers is with
SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North
Africa. He says, "Three times, we've
been knocked off the air; not just SAT-7, but many Arabic language
channels. It's being attributed to roots in the social unrest that is taking
place in the Middle East.

However, the actual
cause of these service cuts can't be directly connected to the government. There is a possibility they're caused by
power outages or traffic overload. "Our
tech people are watching it carefully. We are back on the air and broadcasting
now, so that‘s one concern: that we would be able to stay on the air. Secondly,
there are Christian people on the ground in Libya that we're quite concerned

As it happened in Egypt's protests, the ministry is offering
biblical tools through new shows to help viewers. "These new programs then feature theologians,
psychologists, counselors–all Christian people–commenting about what's
taking place and trying to help people deal with it."

Rogers urges other believers to pray for the Holy Spirit to
continue to act as a catalyst for hope. "In times of adversity, we don't pray
for it, we don't want it, but the Scripture tells us that in times of
adversity, there is response. We all do that. We either reject God or go to our

Pray for the right individuals to step up during the protests
and in resolution. Ask God to protect
the Church through the changes. This is
a critical time for followers of Christ. "God is at work, even now in the midst of all
this strife. There are things that He can do and will do. We'll
see spiritual fruit from this."

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