Life returning to normal for Chinese Christians

By April 7, 2021

China (MNN) — The COVID-19 virus first began infecting locals in China in late 2019. Despite this, the country has kept cases low over the past year.

Eric Burklin of China Partner says for Chinese Christians, things have begun to look more normal. “The good news is we’re hearing most recently a lot of the seminaries and Bible schools have reopened. Students are back in class face to face. Churches have reopened nationwide. There are still some pockets here and there, where [the government is] still somewhat more careful.”

Chinese Christians in the pandemic

Burklin says Chinese Christians have reflected the love of Jesus in how they have cared for their communities during the pandemic.“They are people who are very devout, who love their country, and who respect their authorities. I think as a result of that they really manage the pandemic quite well.”

International travel into China remains difficult. Burklin doesn’t expect to be able to visit until 2022. But China Partner remains connected to Chinese Christians. “As far as on-the-ground ministry is concerned, that’s continuing all over China amongst unregistered churches and registered churches. They’re just moving forward. Many people have come to faith through this pandemic. The church stepped in and was able to really help out and serve in local hospitals and senior living facilities. It was pretty remarkable how God used this pandemic to glorify Himself through the local church in China.”

Praise God for the faithfulness of Chinese Christians. And pray Jesus would give them wisdom as they tell His story.



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