Life-saving meals for widows and orphans cost merely 10 cents

By September 12, 2007

International (MNN) — Global Aid Network is responding to God's call to help widows and orphans.

Their food distribution reaches the neediest people in Zimbabwe, Liberia, Sudan, Nigeria, Gambia, Somalia, Kenya, Zambia and Tajikistan. With the help of pastors in refugee camps in war-ravaged Liberia, one family was found in their time of greatest need.

woman danced for joy and said that they had not had any food for several days,"
reported a Global Aid Network partner. That day, workers delivered 66 meals to the woman and her family.

The partner also reported that the heart of the pastor who delivered the food was "broken
to see people suffering in this way, yet gave thanks to God for people who were giving their resources to be a blessing to people they don't even know."

Half a million meals are delivered each month at no cost to those who receive them. The meals contain a full day's nutrition and are ready to eat after being boiled 20 minutes. Local spices are added if available to make the dish taste more like the food they are accustomed to.

The meals cost a mere 10 cents each. They are literally life-saving.

Help feed starving refugees here.

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