Lifewater to launch ‘Significance of Sacrifice’ campaign.

By February 16, 2007

USA (MNN) — For about the cost of
giving up one cup of coffee every day during Lent,  an educator for an entire village can begin
teaching simple hygiene concepts.  

The disparity in value between the cost of a cup of coffee
and a teacher is jarring.  The
significance of what that hygiene educator can do is life-changing. That's why
Lifewater International breaks it down to manageable chunks…so that many will

brings us to this Lenten season.  Jesus retreated
into the wilderness and fasted for forty days, enduring temptation to prepare
for his ministry. Later, the
time was used to physically and spiritually purge in order to participate
in specific sacrament.s.  The whole focus
is on sacrifice for the benefit of others and grace.

makes Easter the most important holiday of the year, yet Christians often trivialize
the import and limit their observations to a single Sunday.  Lifewater wants to see engaged Christians
reaching out with their resources to make a difference in the world with the
hope of Christ.

why they're launching Significant
Sacrifice, February 21. 
The program is aimed at enriching the
Easter experience by helping believers reflect on what Christ gave up for our

It's a simple concept.  Participants commit to giving up a favorite
beverage, food, or other item/activity, and saving the money that would have
otherwise spent and donating it to Lifewater.

With it, Lifewater helps people access safe water and
sanitation. Last year, the money raised from 'Significant Sacrifice' provided
3,000 people with safe water sources.  It
breaks down this way: for approximately the cost of giving up one dinner out
per week during Lent, a family of six gets a life-giving source of safe water.  Or, a movie for two each
week during Lent, provides the materials for a latrine for one family.

Click here if you want to particopate.

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