Light Academy expands to house more students and staff

By September 7, 2023

East Africa (MNN) — In 2005, God opened a door for Set Free – formerly Set Free Ministries – to conduct spiritual warfare training in East Africa. That launched a disciple-making movement aimed at the Next Generation.

(Photo courtesy of Set Free)

Today, thousands of kids attend one of Set Free’s 14 primary schools. Thanks to Light Academy, Set Free’s vocational Christian high school, discipleship doesn’t have to stop at grade seven. More about that here.

“We’re hoping to have 200 kids come into Light Academy this year,” Set Free Global Director Dave McIntyre says.

Light Academy began as a dream and 60-acre land purchase in 2018. The ministry started construction the following year, and that work continues today.

Set Free hopes to reach 2,000 students per year at the project’s completion.

“It’s a huge undertaking. We say around here, ‘If you’re not terrified, it’s probably not God’s will,’” McIntyre says.

“It is humbling to see the people God brought forth to push this forward.”

Donor funding brings more of the dream to life every year. “I go back every six months, and every time, it’s like visiting a different school because there’s so much more [completed,]” McIntyre says.

“We are in phase four of our construction. We’re building several large classroom blocks, the administration block, a health clinic, [and] staff housing because as we increase students, we also have to increase staff.”

Each child surrounded by poverty and death can discover God’s plan at Light Academy, giving them a future and a hope. Support from believers like you makes it all possible.

“Pray for Light Academy, that [it] will be finished under budget and on time,” McIntyre requests.



Header and story images courtesy of Set Free.