Light Shines in the Phillipines

By February 5, 2007

Philippines (MNN) — The Philippines are getting brighter thanks to church planter Francis Bonito who is supported by IN Network. He says the name of the village he ministers to, Tanglaw, in Antipolo City, means light.  He is bringing the light of the Lord to the people there who are lost in the darkness of drugs, gambling, and prostitution.

"People's lives are touched by the hand of the Potter and shaped; transformed from darkness to light, from shame to glory, from bondage to freedom!" Bonito says.  One man's transformation and commitment to Christ brought him out of a life of homosexual entertainment in Japan.  He is now an active member in the church in Tanglaw.  Others have been miraculously healed of physical ailments as well as delivered from addictions.

Tanglaw Christian Church is near the village which sits upon a hill known for an illicit drug called shabu.  Many drug addicts and pushers live in this area and the picture of families is a crumbling one as fathers are imprisoned, leaving their wives to support and raise the family alone.  "It is heart breaking to behold the poverty of the people here; most are without a good source of income," says Bonito.   

Bonito says they have chosen to minister in Tanglaw because they believe God loves these people.  It is their mission to lead the villagers to obedience to God.  "In this way, God can bless and deliver them from the curses of sin-caused sickness and poverty," says Bonito.

Through the support of IN Network Philippines they have been able to supply free medical and dental care for the village.  The ability to offer help not only spiritually, but economically, socially, and physically has helped the church make an impact. 

They also are ministering to the imprisoned and after the children's Bible study sessions are able to offer meals.  Bonito truly believes God is helping them fulfill their mission.  "Let us not be weary in doing good to others for we know that in God's season we shall reap," says Bonito.

Please pray for continued strength as they continue to minister to the village or visit IN Network online to find out more.  

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