Lighter 2009 Arts Festival allows youth to express creativity and rraw closer to God

By September 21, 2009

Moldova (MNN) — Ravaged by the global economic crisis and scarred
by summertime violence in the Northern Caucasus, the opportunities to share the Gospel with the former Soviet Union are slowly diminishing.

In Moldova where only political upheaval has been in the
news as of late, Next Generation Christians have rekindled a spark of hope "to
a lost and restless generation across the former Soviet Union," Russian

Held at the end of August, the Lighter 2009 Youth Arts
Festival attracted young artists performing music and other original works.
While the festival started with only musical arts, Russian Ministries said it
quickly expanded beyond just music and included hip-hop, rap, poetry, theater,
dance and video performances.

As these young artists had a chance to express their
creativity, they also gathered together to fellowship with other
Christ-followers and draw closer to God. Some of the best opportunities to do
so came during their morning and evening worship times led by young musicians
from various churches.

One woman in attendance, Zhenya, told Russian Ministries, "This
summer I worked with deaf children. As I saw their suffering, I shut God out. I
didn't understand why He allowed these children to live their whole lives
without hearing the wonderful sounds of music. For two months, I didn't pray.
It was as if something inside of me had broken. But when I came here, God
calmed my heart, and now it sings again."

Following her testimony, Zhenya signed and sang a song she had

Others shared the work God had done in them because of the
festival with Russian Ministries.

Dima, who leads a club ministry at a church in Chisinau,
said she was able to rest from her busy schedule and find renewed strength to
once again serve Christ. Making a decision to follow Christ only a month ago,
Anya said, "At this festival, I met young people who are so open and friendly that
I received an unforgettable jolt of energy. I decided to start music lessons
this year because I want to learn to create."

Of the youth in attendance, 40 committed to dive deeper into
ministry for Christ. They also expressed interest in helping people affected by
HIV/AIDS, cancer and other struggles.

Pray for these young Christians to continue spreading Christ's
love with the momentum they gained from attending Lighter 2009.

You can become involved in what Russian Ministries is doing
by visiting their Web site and donating now or finding more information.

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