Like-minded groups bring hope to Ethiopia

By February 22, 2012

Ethiopia (IAI/MNN) — Medicine plays a pivotal role for missions
in Africa.

As International Aid distributes life-saving medicines, hygiene
products, nutritional supplements and medical equipment to partners serving the
poor, their teams will often work with compassionate humanitarian relief
organizations that are like-minded in mission.

Physical healing is just one part of their goal. Their teams also want those they help to
experience spiritual healing through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That's also why they come alongside other
groups that serve the poor holistically.  

The Myungsung Christian Medical Center in Ethiopia is one of
those ministries. The facility is in
the capital city, Addis Ababa. There,
they can provide advanced medical service with the primary goal of showing the
love of Jesus to Ethiopia and Africa.

The 159-bed hospital was started by the Myungsung Presbyterian
Church of Seoul, Korea and provides everything from emergency treatment for
world leaders to mobile medical outreaches to Ethiopia's remote regions. They
also offer free medical treatment for the poor.

The hospital is also committed to improving Ethiopia's medical
service, bringing in foreign experts to train Ethiopian medical professionals
and putting medical staff through Christian faith-based training.

They also collaborate with international organizations,
evangelistic churches, and other mission organizations to provide the
best medical care they can. The end goal: "To help Ethiopians accept Jesus
as their Lord and Savior, and accordingly gain eternal life."

In the past year, International Aid has supported the Myungsung
Christian Medical Center as they have expanded their Intensive Care Unit. That includes
equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, defibrillators, nebulizers,
stethoscopes, stretchers, monitors, ICU beds, and exam lights.

Pray for International Aid's partners at the Myungsung Christian
Medical Center as they seek to bring glory to name of Jesus Christ in Ethiopia.


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