Listeners thank growing Indian broadcast

By November 7, 2007

India (MNN) — India's Hindi Words of Hope radio broadcast is getting positive feedback and more help. 

The program recently added two members to the team who will help Stephen Paul, the Words of Hope Director for South Asia. Vidyut Minz and Neelam Tirkey will help with the broadcast program.

The new team members were an additional blessing to the new equipment Paul was able to get last month. The equipment was necessary to the program, and customs officers treated Paul favorably when he returned to India with them. 

All the work that has been put into the broadcast is not in vain. Words of Hope has received encouraging response from one listener in particular who writes, "I am very thankful to you for transmitting this type of program. Your program has now become my program. Through your program, I came from darkness to light. I have received much spiritual
blessing from your messages."

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