“Live Second” challenges viewers to live fully for Christ

By December 27, 2019

USA (MNN) – E3 Partners recently launched a new initiative called “Live Second” that challenges viewers to dedicate their life to Christ by choosing to live second. Live Second is a part of the I Am Second initiative e3 started to share the real stories of people who have experienced the transforming power of God’s love.

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I Am Second is about encouraging viewers with true stories of God’s work in the world. e3’s new initiative focuses on helping viewers take the next step.

Jeff Johnston from e3 says, “What we really wanted to do was take people from viewing some of our I Am Second content, viewing stories of the power of the gospel, and then taken them down a path of viewership to accepting Christ if they haven’t done so already.”

He explains that Live Second is about guiding viewers to begin truly living their faith and challenging them to put Christ first.

Three Easy Steps

Live Second has three easy steps to help viewers begin their faith journey. Step one is “Become Second”, step two is “Connect with a Live Second Coach”, and step three is “Take the Challenge” by experiencing four days of hopeful stories.

During step one, a video gives a presentation of the Gospel and offers viewers an opportunity to choose to dedicate their lives to Christ.

Step two provides an opportunity to connect with a “Live Second coach” to help guide new believers. This a real person, trained to connect with and support those who have just made the choice for Christ.

Johnston says, “They’re just kind of a spiritual coach to help you grow closer to God.”

“[The Live Second coaches] can help disciple these people. You can go through Bible studies, you can ask them questions, they’ll pray with you, they’ll pray for you,” he adds.

Step three offers next steps for those learning how to Live Second. e3 developed a series of hope to give guidance and encouragement to those making this decision with their series, “4 Days of Hope”.

“Christ has changed our hearts and has changed our lives. And that’s really why we created this challenge. We want people to experience that same hope,” Johnston says.

Choosing to Live Second

Johnston explains that choosing to put Christ and others first can transform someone’s life.

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners.)

He says, “I’m confident that when you truly live second, that you will have more hope. You will have more joy and your life will just flourish in ways that you couldn’t even imagine before.”

Do you want to choose to live fully for Christ and support e3?

Johnston says, “Christ calls us to more than just belief, He calls us to action. So, Living Second is a way to take that action to live out our faith.”

Connect with the I Am Second and Live Second movement here or on Facebook here. Donate to I Am Second here, or e3 here.

You can also pray. Pray that others choose to put God first in their life, whether that’s a first-time decision or a rededication. Pray that e3 can reach many more people with the Live Second and I Am Second movements to share God’s work in the world.



Header photo courtesy of e3 Partners. 

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