Lives changed in Summer of Hope

By July 23, 2008

USA (MNN) — On the first two reservations visited in its trek
across the Pacific Northwest, On Eagles' Wings Team U.S. has already seen a massive
response to the Gospel message. 

At least 1,000 people have already heard the Gospel from the
team of about 25 Native American youth traveling with Ron Hutchcraft
. Many of them have accepted
Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

"Red Rock" Reservation was the first stop for Team U.S. It is a place desperately in need of the
Gospel: out of 58 students in one of its junior highs, 17 babies were born
last year. 

Another 10 junior high girls decided together to commit
suicide. Three succeeded. The rest either changed their minds or were
injured in the attempt. 

About 100 people came to the team's first night of ministry in this dark place. The next evening,
400 came, and 65 gave their lives to
Christ. The team was given a special
opportunity to do a program with 12 kids in juvenile detention, and seven of
them became Christians. 

On the final night, the team gave an invitation to make a
public commitment to Jesus Christ.  Many
of the reservation's biggest, hardest, most influential guys responded —
including a young rap star and a gang leader. In all, 120 people on this reservation committed their lives to
Christ. A team of about 20 local
ministry people remain behind to disciple them. 

The Tribal Council of "Fort Marshall"
Reservation, the team's second destination, took an unusual step when it sent
the team an official invitation. 

"We have had many youth that we have buried," the council
wrote. "We truly believe that your
message of hope will affect the lives of many."

Twelve violent gangs operate on this reservation. For twelve years, a weekly prayer meeting has
been held in the chambers of this tribal council. Three council members, as well the council
chairman, are Christians. For them, the
visit of the OEW team was an answer to prayer. 

However, the team's ministry on this reservation began
slowly. Not many people came the first
night. The next day, the team discovered
a group of skateboarding enthusiasts who are marginalized in their
community. The team set up an outreach
at the skate park, and 12 of the 80 people who attended responded to the Gospel. 

The second night of outreach was blessed with a stronger
turnout. One out of four of those
present committed their lives to Christ, including a brother of the council
chairman! On the last night, almost all
who were there walked out onto the basketball court to declare their commitment
to Christ — including the "big boys" and the influential basketball

"We have the feeling that these victories were won well
before these three nights," Ron Hutchcraft said. "God heard his sons
crying out to Him for their people for twelve years. And He decided to
answer those prayers this summer on a reservation basketball court…through
the walking miracles we call On Eagles' Wings."

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