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By January 25, 2016
Audio Bibles heard around the world in hundreds of languages on ministry’s suite of digital audio devices (Photo by FCBH)

Audio Bibles heard around the world in hundreds of languages on ministry’s suite of digital audio devices (Photo by FCBH)

International (MNN) — Gloria didn’t think anything could change. She and her husband fought all the time. He drank all day. Shouting and violence made up their life.

But then, she heard the Gospel from one of Faith Comes By Hearing’s audio Bibles called, The Proclaimer.

Gloria listened to the Scriptures read over the device in her native language, Sanumá. Soon, God touched her with His Word, and she placed her faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior.

Gloria then began to pray for her family.

Things did not improve, however. They got worse. Gloria’s relationship with her husband deteriorated, and he left home. Then, one of their children became very ill.

Yet, during all of this, Gloria refused to become discouraged. Instead, she prayed and continued to listen to God’s Word, all the while encouraging others to listen with her. It was then that her husband returned home with a changed heart.

After their child began to recover, Gloria’s husband came to her to tell her he’d asked God for forgiveness. Soon, they were praying before God, together.

Gloria’s story is just one example of the impact being made with audio Bibles from FCBH.

Looking back at 2015, here’s what God did.

2015 Impacts

Scripture Recordings

Over the year, Scripture recordings were made for 58 new languages. Another 88 are still in progress. Because of this, FCBH has audio Scriptures in over 900 languages reaching nearly 6 billion people with the Gospel.

Field Programs

75,000 Bible listening programs were implemented, helping to disciple nearly 7 million people. Currently there are over 605,000 Bible listening programs reaching almost 55 million people.

Deaf Bible

Five new sign languages were added, helping to reach over 291,000 people with the Deaf Bible app.

The first Deaf Bible Society was also created.

Digital Programs

The Bible app received an updated design and some new recordings. FCHB introduced a new project, Global Bible Network, to share God’s Word worldwide.

Military BibleStick
(Photo courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing)

(Photo courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing)

BibleSticks were used to share the Gospel with nearly 93,000 United States service members and veterans, bringing the total number shared up to over 600,000.

Now, through your support in 2016, FCBH wants to push further and continue impacting the world for Christ.

2016 Goals

  • Record another 165 languages to reach nearly 260 million more people
  • Launch 50,000 new Audio Bible programs to at least 4.5 million people
  • Provide another 150,000 military BibleSticks to U.S. military personnel
  • Launch the Global Bible Network in 38 countries inside the 10/40 window
  • Raise $3 million to reach the deaf with the Gospel in their sign language

FCBH invites you to help impact the world for Christ as well. Here are a couple of ways:

Donate: One of the biggest resources FCBH needs to do what it does is monetary. Your donation can help get the Word of God to numerous others living without Him.

To donate, click here.

Work with them: FCBH has some positions needing to be filled. You could be a great fit.

To look at jobs and apply, click here.

Advocate: Familiarize yourself with FCBH and tell others.

Pray: Prayer is a powerful tool. Please pray for FCBH to be used by God to share His word and impact lives for Him.

To learn more about FCBH 2016 goals, click here!

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