Living Water drill inspires Liberian community

By July 5, 2013


The community in Liberia praying before the drill starts. (Photo courtesy of LWI)

The community in Liberia praying before the drill starts. (Photo courtesy of LWI)

Liberia (MNN) — Think of 10 family members or friends. Now picture four of them without access to clean drinking water.

What happens when someone doesn’t get clean water in their system? They get dehydrated, suffer from diahrrea, and may contract diseases like hepatitis a and typhoid fever.

This is common in Liberia since 40% of the rural population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. Furthermore, 93% of Liberia’s rural population doesn’t have clean sanitation facilities.

Living Water International (LWI) was in Liberia last weekend to bring a community the drinking water they so desperately need. But that’s not all.

According to LWI staff, “Over the weekend, our creative team witnessed this sweet moment: a Liberian community outside an orphanage praying together before drilling began!”

LWI has completed nearly 200 water and sanitation projects in Liberia. The need for water in Liberia is great, and LWI works to provide water with a greater purpose.

“This is why we work—to demonstrate the love of God through clean water! We accomplish nothing without God’s presence,” writes LWI staff. Liberia has a strong Christian presence.

Around 86% of Liberians claim the name of Jesus Christ. Another 12% follow Islam.

Pray for Christians in Liberia to share the gift of water with non-Christians as well as the message of Jesus Christ who quenches spiritual thirst. Pray for LWI’s ministry and ongoing projects to bring God’s love and healing to communities around the world.

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