Living Water International has saved thousands as drought grips East Africa

By March 8, 2006

E. Africa (MNN) — 3.5 million people in East Africa are facing a recurring challenge. There hasn’t been any rain. The rain they have received hasn’t been enough. Water wells are a commodity that is saving lives both physically and spiritual.

President of Living Water International Jerry Wiles agrees with that statement because it’s happening at one of the wells they provided to serve 15,000 people. Wiles says, “There are now 35,000 people surviving off this one well. Most of the other wells in that region have gone dry. And, a missionary in that area told us that if it were not for that one well there would probably 35,000 dead people.”

What’s even more exciting is that the well has been the focal point for evangelism. “The chief of the village in that area that really has been trained and came to the Lord, has taken a leadership role, and they estimate the majority of the people that are living off that well have come to Christ.”

Living Water is working in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia and 18 other countries. He says the need for water is great as there are 1.1 billion people with unsafe drinking water. “We have probably 10 times more requests than we have resources to respond to.”

That’s why Living Water is asking for your help. “We’re continuing to mobilize prayer and people and resources. We’re doing trips. We have a lot of people who actually go and drill a well, or be involved in sanitation and hygiene training as well as sharing the Gospel. It’s a great way to demonstrate the love of Christ before you bring a proclamation.”

You can get more information about Living Water by clicking on the link.

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