Living Water International is partnering with MeSoap to help provide sanitation and hygiene to Sierra Leone

By November 15, 2012

Sierra Leone (MNN) — Have you used soap today? In Sierra Leone, 89% of the population has inadequate sanitation, 43% lack clean water, 63% live below the poverty line, and the life expectancy is only 48 years old. This country is in desperate need, and Living Water International aims to help save lives.

LWI is teaming up with MeSoap to help fight sanitation and hygiene problems. Together, they will provide soap, hygiene training, toilets, water, and other needed sanitation and hygiene supplies to the communities in need.

Sierra Leone, which has the second-highest infant mortality rate in the world, is the first place that LWI is going to help. Of every 1000 births in Sierra Leone, 123 infants die.

MeSoap sees that simply dropping thousands of soap bars into a community is not the appropriate or sustainable way to give. Demand will come through community-wide education on why the practice of proper hygiene and sanitation is necessary.

You can get involved today by purchasing MeSoap online. MeSoap will then donate the equivalent of one bar of soap in dollar form to LWI, and LWI will use their expertise to purchase local soap and other sanitation and hygiene supplies.

MeSoap and LWI find it critical that the soap and supplies are bought locally in the communities, so not to disrupt the local soap-making business and local economy.

You can click here to purchase MeSoap. They have 5 different soap scents, and are all 85% organic.

Pray that this partnership will help LWI and MeSoap have a lasting impact on Sierra Leone.

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