Living Water team brings clean water and the Gospel to community in West Africa

By September 11, 2008

Sierra Leone (MNN) — A Living Water International team replaced a well and shared the hope of the Gospel with the community of Jui.

At the Evangelical College of Theology in Jui, located on a peninsula 12 miles east of Freetown, a pump supplying water to the school had been broken for two months. Living Water International sent a team to replace the old well, but after installing the new pump, no water appeared. Puzzled by this, the team pulled out the entire length of pipe and discovered that the pipe was too short, and part of the pump had actually broken off when placed down the hole. After 6 hours of repair and many prayers, the pump gushed clean water.

At the dedication ceremony for the new well, the team dedicated it to the glory of God and sang "Tell Papa God Tenke" ("thank you" in Krio). They talked about how faithfully God directed the repair and shared the story of Advent Conspiracy with the community. In 2006, pastors at five churches encouraged their congregations to change their spending habits and spend time with their families instead. The money saved was then given to help others, and some of that money was donated so that the people of Sierra Leone could receive a cup of clean water in Jesus' name.   

The team shared John 4:10-14, a passage about Jesus being the Living Water, and members of the community prayed. Reverend Abu Conteh, principal of the college, asked the team to extend the college's gratitude to Living Water International and Advent Conspiracy.

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