Living Water Uganda provides clean water for 27 schools

By August 19, 2010

Uganda (MNN) — Children across Uganda are dropping out of school, getting sick, and even dying due to one issue: lack of clean water.

For the past year, Living Water International has been trying to fix the water problem in the Ruhaama District of Uganda by partnering with local schools. If the water supply is near a school, children will most likely attend that school since they often are the ones to collect water for their families each day. School is also the perfect place to learn about hygiene and to be sure that wells are kept clean.

As wells have been built over the last several years, the effects have been incredible. Students are learning more and more about disease and health and are relaying that information to their parents. "When a school has clean water, the whole village comes to be a better place," says Juliet Aluhumwire, a teacher at a Ugandan school which recently had a Living Water well installed.

Over the past year, Living Water has provided clean water for 27 schools across the Ruhaama District through well installation, new hand-pumps or rainwater catchment systems, depending on the school's needs.

As Living Water enters schools and villages, they go equipped with tools and supplies to bring clean water, but they are also equipped to share the Gospel. The love of Christ shines brightly through the Living Water Uganda team as they quite literally offer a cup of water in Jesus' name.

Praise God for all that has been done so far in Uganda, but the country is still far from having clean water sources for every Ugandan. Many of the water sources installed so far have been as a result of special fundraising and advocacy efforts in U.S. schools. If you would like to start a campaign like this in your child's school or the school in which you work, look into the Schools for Schools campaign.

If you would like to give to Living Water Uganda individually, click here.


  • KIREGA DAVID says:

    Hope you are fine,
    Am currently staying in Uganda pursuing a diploma in water engineering from Kyambogo University. Am soon completing my studies in the coming June 2015.I would like to humbly request you to avail me with the opportunity of training in the water related activities that you deal in .During my first training, i worked with Water Mission International, Uganda where i gained a lot of experience in the water activities.
    I would feel happy if an opportunity arises in your organization to allow me train work with you in this field.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    +256 782 679413.

  • Water is life. we can all see this right from the story of creation, after God had created water sources He created plants and animals then lastly man. God demostrated it well that every living thing needed water to leave.

    Thanks Living Water for bringing life to Ruhaama and Uganda as whole.

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