Loans lead to laughter in Moldova

By December 21, 2015

Moldova (MNN) — The fall of the Soviet Union had drastic effects on Moldova. The country was plunged into poverty and the once middle-class country became the poorest country in Europe. The ones who received the most slack from the depression were children. But now, FARMS International hopes to give them a sense of revival.

(Photo courtesy Farms International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of FARMS International via Facebook)

In 1999, 73% of people were classified as poor, according to Rural Poverty Portal. However the diligent and hard working people in the republic helped the poverty shrink quickly. By 2007, the poverty rate had diminished to 26%.

The poverty level continues to shrink, but the nation still has scars economically and jobs are not as abundant as they could be.

Child poverty is one of the biggest concerns. Families with three or more kids still don’t have a decent handle and struggle with providing for everyone. Education is spiraling downhill because that’s the last thing a family could afford. Food ends up being scarce at the table and tattered clothes become the best and warmest clothes in the closet.

In a case like this, what would you do?

As a last resort, parents are leaving their kids at state-run orphanages so they can support the rest of their family and look for work in a different country.

Joe Richter with FARMS says orphanages don’t have many resources available; they “try to do a good job, but nothing replaces a good, loving family.”

Yet these children still have a chance for a loving family. Many Christian families in Moldova want to adopt them, but can’t afford it. Fortunately, FARMS’ work is changing that.

“The way FARMS is helping is to help families that economically could not adopt orphans with a project loan that helps them increase their business revenue, whatever that might be, and then they’re able to support more orphans and are actually adopting these orphans out of state-run orphanages,” Richter explains.

Families can open their loving arms and welcome children who have lost everything. They have a chance to teach and show kids about the love of Christ.

All of the funds they receive for the interest-free loans are from individuals in churches – mostly in the United States and Canada. The only requirements for the loan is agreeing to pay it back and tithing to their local church.

In this sense, “we not only provide for the family through these loans, but it also helps to encourage church growth, and church planting, and outreach evangelism comes from these churches.”

FARMS needs more partners to come alongside them and families who desperately want to welcome a child into their home

Impact the lives of families and children in Moldova by partnering with FARMS International.


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