Locals react violently to the Gospel in Nepal

By November 10, 2010

Nepal (MNN) —
Persecution of missionaries in South Asia is not uncommon. Those who profess
the faith openly are targeted and can fall victim to vicious attacks. One such
attack happened on the road in Nepal just a few weeks ago.

Indra Rai Waglan was
traveling with another elderly believer when they were attacked by six men. The
men accused Waglan of blasphemy against their gods and forcing two
families to convert to Christianity. Although the conversions are wonderful
news to Christians, the six men did not think so.

They left Waglan
unconscious on the side of the road.

Waglan is a missionary
supported by Gospel for Asia and was in the area to conduct a prayer meeting
for a neighboring village when the men brutally beat him. He was given medical
treatment and has many bruises all over his body and a broken rib.

Nepal police have found
and charged the six men that attacked Waglan. The court now has the case and it
will be underway.

The easy thing to do in
this situation would be to write off the six men as evil and hell-bound, but GFA
and believers in Waglan's community think otherwise. They ask that prayer be
offered up for the six attackers that they will receive the grace of God and accept
Christ as their Savior. The primary goal of GFA is to share the good news of
Jesus Christ with those in Asia that have never heard His name before, and that
is what Waglan and the believers in Nepal are trying to do.

Prayer is also needed
for Waglan's complete healing and for his family's faith to remain strong. This circumstance is difficult, but not too great for God.
Pray that Waglan and his family will remember that and trust Him who holds the
universe in His hands.     

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