Lockdowns in China as COVID-19 cases emerge

By July 25, 2022

China (MNN) — Chinese officials locked down a popular resort city after 450 COVID-19 cases in 5 days. Over 2,000 tourists got stranded as the city conducts mass testing.

China’s “zero-Covid” policy puts immense pressure on regional leaders to eliminate the virus.

Meanwhile, Wuhan, the city where COVID-19 first emerged, has seen lockdowns over a case of Cholera. Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China says, “I believe it was a local official that decided that they would restrict travel. That incited some panic, which is the word that was shared with me by one of our partners.”

Churches and schools

Rovenstine says churches and schools often suffer the worst from lockdowns.

One partner in China said her son could only attend school in person six weeks out of the last semester.

Churches have been unable to offer the Lord’s Supper during services. Rovenstine says, “That’s sad for me, that people can’t choose to go to church and receive a Bible. So it continues to be a struggle for us. Our list is quite long of requests that people have made for Bibles around China.”

Rovenstine says Bibles for China have four Bible distributions planned for later in the year, but they have gotten pushed back.

Chinese Christians

Despite the challenges, Christians throughout China remain committed to growing in Jesus. They want to share His story with their neighbors.

Ask God to rest upon them. “At Bibles for China, we still are functioning as open and legal, trying to navigate that well and look for opportunities to fulfill the requests that have been made of us.”

You can also support Bibles for China here. “It’s been a tough year economically. We’re trying to manage our money well so that we can buy the scriptures that people request.”



The header photo shows a truckload of Mandarin Bibles. (Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)