Lockdowns in China expected through 2023

By August 18, 2022

China (MNN) — China’s zero-COVID policy and repeated lockdowns are taking a toll on the world’s second-largest economy.

A worker in Beijing hangs her hands over the testing holes during a 1-minute break period between day-long consistent testing services.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Eric Lin/Unsplash)

China’s economy is widely expected to miss its official growth target this year, raising concern among investors and policymakers alike. Experts say China will not likely start the long journey out of zero-COVID until 2023.

Lockdowns hamper churches as well as businesses, but believers find peace amid uncertainty.

“We don’t know what the future holds. But we know Who holds the future, and that’s Christ,” China Partner’s Erik Burklin says.

The Lord continues to open doors of opportunity for China Partner. What began as a short-term solution to social isolation could now become a standard method of operation.

China Partner’s team mentors Chinese pastors and Christian leaders through long-term relationships. More about that here. Since 1991, China Partner has been invited to train leaders in seminaries, Bible schools, and local churches in 42 cities.

Now, China Partner uses Zoom training to disciple Chinese leaders instead of in-person seminars.

“When we started China Partner, it was not an online type of ministry. But technology is so easy these days; it is like a new normal,” Burklin says.

“Who [could predict] Zoom would become one of the major platforms God would use [for] ministry?”

Pray for wisdom and discernment as church leaders navigate the legal process for registration.

“They (the Chinese government) passed a new internet law March 1; this was a typical way for the government to control things,” Burklin says, adding that the process is similar to registering a physical church.

“You can register your website or your internet content with the Religious Affairs [department;] there’s an application process you must go through.”



Header image depicts a public sanitation worker during the recent lockdown in Shanghai. (Photo courtesy Xiangkun ZHU/Unsplash)