Lonely kids study ‘Manga Messiah’

By December 21, 2010

USA (MNN) — The Crossroad Bible Institute Manga Messiah course
for children of incarcerated parents has completed a successful pilot program,
and CBI is releasing it worldwide just in time for Christmas. 

"Manga" is the Japanese word for comics, and Manga Messiah is a retelling of the Gospel accounts through the
fast-paced storytelling and edgy artwork of the popular Manga style. CBI's Manga Messiah notebooks complement the
book with fun puzzles, Bible verses, and practical application. Children aged 6 to 18 correspond with loving
instructors who correct their work for them and disciple them in the
faith. Lives are changing as a

"I've learned how I should always keep my faith with Jesus to keep out
of the devil's grip," said Nelson, a student in the program. "Thanks a lot for the opportunity to learn
about Jesus and how to be a better person." 

Most of the children learn about the program from their incarcerated
parents, who participate in the courses CBI provides for them. Others receive CBI enrollment forms through
Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree ministry. 

"Our existing connection to incarcerated parents provides the perfect avenue
for reaching out to their children as we continue our commitment to extend the
truth of God's Word and the love of His people to families affected by
incarceration," said CBI President H. David Schuringa. 

2.7 million children in the United States have an incarcerated
parent. They are at high risk for
educational failure, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and homelessness. These children are five to seven times more
likely than their peers to be imprisoned themselves. They suffer the consequences of the reduction
in family income, the absence of their father or mother, and the social stigma
associated with incarceration. 

Children with incarcerated parents need the help and support of loving
adults. You can make a difference in a
child's life by connecting him or her with the Manga Messiah course. Also, consider making a commitment to
becoming a CBI instructor and providing discipleship for the children of

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