Long March leaves wake of violence in Pakistan

By August 14, 2014
(Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

(Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

Pakistan (ODM/MNN) — Is another storm coming today in Pakistan? August 14 is Pakistan’s Independence Day. An Islamic group and the opposing body in the House of Parliament are joining together in what is called a “Long March.” It has already begun across the country with the number of protestors increasing.

If violence continues in the wake of the march, the fear is civil war could break out. If this is the case, martial law could be imposed.

The groups which have been organizing the “Long March” are calling for mid-term elections and claiming that the current government used fraudulent means and poll rigging to come into power. There have already been killings, violence, and protests across the country.

Pakistani Christians are concerned because of the fallout from the Middle East violence. Christians in Pakistan often suffer as a result of the intensifying violence in the Middle East, particularly hostility between Hamas and Israel. Christians are automatically seen as supporting Israel. There is also concern of copycat ISIS-type violence across the Gulf region.

Pakistan is #8 on the Open Doors 2014 World Watch List of the 50 worst persecutors of Christians.

Pray that Christians there will remain strong in their faith and find God to be their refuge and strength. Pray that God’s Word will be seen in their words and deeds by those who are seeking to know Him.

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  • CP Boyer says:

    We’ve been wanting to start an annual public meeting called Islam watch. Not religious in nature but just laying out the facts. How many mosque in WI and US. How fast are the growing, why?
    Different speakers even some from Islam Faith.
    Lay out the truth and not sway the outcome just use the facts of what it is and let people draw their own conclusions.
    Do it annually.
    Just thinking out loud no resource to develop presently ??

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