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By March 7, 2014
(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Ministries)

India (ASM) – If you’ve ever wondered if your donation has impact down the road, read the following from Audio Scripture Ministries:

During a recent visit to a rehabilitation home for people rejected and thrown out of their homes because of leprosy, we spotted this Audio Bible. We had distributed a few Audio Bibles to the residents at this home about two years back.

The Audio Bible still worked! It was wound up with rubber bands, and it looked like it had been dropped several times. Most residents have no fingers, and it’s quite a task to hold anything for more than a minute.

The person who owned this Bible was a leprosy patient, and this Bible was precious. In a world that rejected them for their disease, these Audio Bibles have instilled joy and hope into the lives of these beautiful people. They listen and listen and find joy in the Lord. Praise God!


(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Ministries)

Shanthigramam — literally “village of peace,” is a haven for aged, destitute persons who once had leprosy. These people continue to suffer due to inadequate attention during the active phase of the disease and are left with permanent deformities. With their visible deformities they become a source of contempt for their own family members.

The village is located in Tamil Nadu, India. ASM partners with church leaders who have taken on the care of some of the residents.

It grew out of concern for these outcast, disfigured leprosy patients by those who understood their deeper need for love and compassion, apart from shelter and care.

Words cannot capture what God’s Word means to people, especially those marginalized by their own societies. If you want to help provide hope for them, click here.


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