Long-term relationships are key to evangelism

By July 31, 2007

Romania (MNN) — Dan and Nora Emig and their three children recently visited the United States from Bucharest, Romania. They are missionaries with Greater Europe Mission and have been serving in Romania for about two years. 

Dan Emig says their ministry is two-pronged: professionals and their community. Dan does personality profiles specifically with Christian and non-Christian professionals. Using the DISC personality test, he is able to evaluate a group of co-workers and is "able to build relationships very quickly in the context of eight hours together." It allows them to better see the relationships that God has put in place in their lives.

Among Christians, Dan is able to use Scripture and Biblically-based perspectives in discussing how God has created all personality types. 

With unbelievers, there is more of a secular influence, but it opens doors. "It's still a serving tool," Dan said. "We can quickly go in and do this and have a quick reason to be there and to be able to go through these open doors and penetrate the secular world."

Dan begins to plant seeds in his short time with a group. "Lots and lots of questions
surface  as to how we relate in life. And from that point I can go into more of my personal walk with the Lord, and my relationship with Christ, and be more specific about why I am able to deal with certain issues in life based on my faith in the Lord," said Dan. 

Bucharest is very secular, according to Dan. "It's more difficult to have that entry point, to build relationships."

Nora Emig has been building relationships with women in their subdivision where she and Dan are the only Christians. She is currently helping a young psychiatrist with her English, since it is mandatory for all professionals to be successful. "Through that, God has opened up doors for conversations about the Gospel," said Nora.

Nora takes walks with others to talk about their children and life and to them learn. "There are other women in the neighborhood, too, where God has opened up
doors for me, and once again, most of it is with English, surprisingly. The ladies want to practice their English, and I'm their opportunity to do that."

In the fall, Nora hopes to start an evangelical Bible study as well as an art club for anyone interested. "It's not only to be able to explore a common interest but in hopes that God would open up a door for the Gospel and for relationships there within our community," Nora said.

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