Love Kampala Festival to bring Christ’s love to Uganda

By July 2, 2010

Uganda (MNN) — In late September 2010, evangelist Andrew
Palau, Luis Palau Association staff, hundreds of church leaders, and thousands
of spectators will converge on the capital city of Kampala, Uganda, for the Love
Kampala Festival
with Andrew Palau.

Preparations for the festival have already
begun–preparations in the form of service. Through LPA's Season of Service,
740 churches have joined together for citywide outreach since June 16.

"Churches working together in [a] unified effort have
first begun to love their city by deeds of kindness and reaching out to the poor,"
said Tim Robnette of LPA. They divided the city into five districts and now
have teams in each district ministering through various projects. In one slum,
they have already built public latrines. Throughout other districts, Robnette
said they have hosted a medical clinic, provided doctors, and held a blood drive.

"June 16 launched a whole season throughout the next several
months of the churches identifying specific needs within their community,
trying to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ–the Gospel, the Good News in
deed," Robnette said. Across the city, 18-20 specific projects will take place
between now and September.

After these projects are completed and the churches
have spent ample time ministering to the communities around them, it will be
time to celebrate and share more about Christ. On September 25-26, the Love
Kampala Festival
will kick off at Kololo Airstrip: "Culminating the last
weekend of September in the capital, we'll have a large festival; and during
the week, we'll have outreaches to the universities. We'll be going into
schools and doing programs," said Robnette.

The two days will begin with a Children's Village, presenting the Gospel with
crafts, games and children's programs. Andrew Palau will
preach, and Christian athletes will perform action sports. Then, toward the end of
the day, Nicole C. Mullen and Papa San, along with local artists, will give a

Robnette is looking forward to these events with great anticipation: "We're
looking forward to the churches being able to present the Gospel of Jesus in a
unified, loving and clear fashion."

With so much outreach taking place over the next several
months and the number of people involved, there is a lot of prayer needed.
Robnette said a prayer task force was one of the first LPA groups to arrive in the
city, and they have been in prayer since.

Join them in praying for LPA's Ugandan staff members, who
have been so instrumental in orchestrating these events. Pray for the nation's
leaders, for them to be open to the message the churches bring. Also, pray for
the many churches banding together in this service and for their unity
throughout the coming months.

It is not too late to help LPA out with Love Kampala
. Click here to lend a hand.

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