Love Moves: Day Three

By November 18, 2015
PNS_love moves graphic
PNS_love moves graphic

(Graphic courtesy PIONEERS)

International (MNN) — As explained in 1 John 4:9, “We love because He first loved us.”

PIONEERS USA’s Danny Anan says that’s the heartbeat of their 2016 Love Moves initiative.

“It moves individual hearts. It moves people’s souls. Those who are hopeless – it moves them to find hope, and find life, in Jesus,” says Anan.

Earlier this week, we outlined two aspects of the Love Moves initiative – Victims of War and Victims of Disease. Today, Anan describes the “big picture” of Love Moves.

Love Moves: a 2016 Gospel Initiative

(Photo courtesy Pioneers/Arab World Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Pioneers/Arab World Ministries)

As described here, PIONEERS wants to send 130 new missionaries to the field, and keep existing ministries going strong.

They also want to share Christ’s compassion and Truth with more of India’s HIV victims and Middle East refugees.

“We’re very clear that the reasons we’re doing these things is because Jesus loves them,” Anan explains.

“People who are in these situations, they are without hope. For them, it’s really touching to know that why we’re doing that is because of Jesus.”

PIONEERS leadership envisions a surplus of Kingdom-building projects and outcomes in 2016, which fall under one of four categories:

  1. Support local movements
  2. Initiate new movements
  3. Secure and train workers
  4. Serve victims of war and disease
PNS_love moves refugee kids

(Photo courtesy PIONEERS)

Get the full picture here.

“We have this access that many others don’t, into the lives of these people who are so desperate,” says Anan.

“God has brought us to these places and by supporting them, we’re in a really unique position to share the Gospel.”

Bringing these ambitions to fruition won’t happen without help from the Body of Christ. Anan outlines three ways you can come alongside the Love Moves initiative:


  • Pray for local believers to lead movements of faith among their people groups.
  • Pray for more Christians to commit to sharing the Gospel with the world’s 2.9 billion unreached individuals.
  • Pray for PIONEERS missionaries to rely on God for strength, safety, and leadership.
  • Pray victims of war and disease will find new life and hope in Jesus Christ.


Every dollar given to PIONEERS’ Love Moves initiative will be matched. Friends of the ministry are doubling every Love Moves gift, up to $100,000 USD.

Help PIONEERS share the Good News with the unreached.


(Image courtesy PIONEERS)

(Image courtesy PIONEERS)

PIONEERS recruits, trains, and sustains U.S. Gospel workers to initiate new church-planting movements among people groups without a strong, local presence.

In 2016, the ministry hopes to recruit 200 new U.S. missionaries, and send 130 missionaries to the field.

Will you be one of them?

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