Loved and cherished at pregnancy centers

By November 10, 2015
(Photo courtesy Beautiful Feet International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Beautiful Feet International via Facebook)

International (MNN) — About half of the pregnancies in America are unintended, and 4 out of 10 times, they end in abortion, according to Guttmacher Institute.

Around the world, women with unplanned pregnancies have flocked to abortion clinics trying to cover up the mistake made. But, Beautiful Feet International is letting women and girls know they are still loved and cherished.

“Beautiful Feet: the name comes from the verses in the Bible in Romans 10:15 and also in Isaiah where it says, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news.’ That is the purpose of Beautiful Feet International: to bring the good news of Jesus Christ around the world,” says Melissa Heiland with Beautiful Feet.

“We want these girls to understand that God loves them and has a plan for them and also has a plan for their child.”

Beautiful Feet is a pro-life ministry focused on helping women and girls succeed during and after their pregnancies. Through a weekly curriculum, clients learn important habits to take care of themselves and their babies, such as nutrition and parenting.

The curriculum is currently available in English and Spanish. And, for the past 18 months, a French course has been in the works. “We worked with experts in all kinds of different fields to put together this curriculum.”

But Beautiful Feet stands first and foremost a ministry sharing the good news and love of Jesus.

“Anything that you do that doesn’t include the Gospel: well, we know that’s going to be a temporary thing and that’s going to go away,” Heiland says. “So everything that we do is all about the gospel and the further in sense of the Gospel around the world and kingdom of God.”

For months on end, volunteers at the pregnancy centers are able to talk, laugh, connect, and forge relationships with women and girls, providing opportunities to break through a wall and share the Word. As a result, “almost all of the girls that come in end up trusting Christ as Savior.”

Beautiful Feet recognized a pattern: as clients were in a crisis, they would look for someone to help them. Their eyes would always land on Jesus and would stay there. Because of their revolutionary relationships with Christ, relationships around them would blossom, too.

“We just see how communities are changed, because we see over and over again not just that the women trust Christ, but that the fathers trust Christ, [and] the grandparents trust Christ.”

This month, Beautiful Feet is opening their seventh pregnancy center, which will be located in Togo. Become a prayer partner!

Pray for:

– Success as volunteers continue their work
– Finances
– Protection in communist countries
– Clients
– Receptiveness of the Gospel

Also become a financial partner and provide supplies, training, and curricula.

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