LWI empowers next generation

By September 8, 2009

Uganda (MNN) – Over the past twenty years, the Lord's
Resistance Army has wreaked havoc in Uganda through murder, abduction, mutilation,
and sexual enslavement. They forced children to kill their own families,
creating a widespread atmosphere of fear. Living Water International hopes to
help the next generation break these cycles of violence and spiritual darkness.

"We're on the verge of something new," said Beau
Abdullah, LWI's Uganda Director. "There's so much potential to help so many

A central office is being established in Kampala,
Uganda to coordinate projects nationwide. The LWI team is working with pastors
and regional ministries to find new models of evangelism and church
partnerships. More effective hygiene training is in the works to introduce to
rural people. But the greatest source of hope and promise is LWI's work in
Ugandan schools.

Water-related disease is one of the leading causes
of school absence and drop-out. Education provides freedom from the grips of
poverty, but a lack of clean water keeps kids from getting an education. LWI's
team is drilling water wells at Ugandan schools, and empowering communities to
be involved. Teachers are including health and hygiene practices in their
curriculum. Local pastors are caring for kids and spending time on school

"We're in a world where there are 900 million people
barely treading water, and the water's too low for them to reach the ladder,"
LWI's Gary Evans says. "They don't need a boat. They don't need a helicopter to
rescue them. They just need a little boost so they can reach the ladder. Clean
water provides that boost."

Join LWI in prayer for the next generation to "climb
out" of the darkness in Uganda. Click here to learn more about LWI's projects
in Uganda.

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