MAF continues work despite tropical storm damage

By August 29, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — The Haitian government says at least 24 people have died in accidents related to Tropical Storm Isaac. While this is tragic, it's far less than what was expected as the storm flooded southern parts of the country.

David Carwell with
Mission Aviation Fellowship said flight requests are normal so far, but there are numerous reports of blocked roads between Port-au-Prince and the southern peninsula, which could mean additional flights.

A Cessna Caravan which had been flown to Dominican Republic for safety has since returned.

Monday, MAF received 120 rolls of plastic sheeting from the U.S. via the organization Missionary Flights International for Samaritan's Purse. MAF assisted in getting this through customs. Carwell says, "Customs wanted $6,200 to release these donations. Unbelievable. They are even charging customs on the cost to ship the materials."

Regarding the tent communities, Carwell says the UN evacuated 14,000 people as a precaution. "There were many tent failures, particularly of the U.S.-donated camping tents, which are in bad shape after sitting in the sun for two years. The more primitive structures made out of plastic sheeting and wood weathered the storm better," he added.

In the meantime, MAF continues to function normally. They still have access to jet fuel, and more importantly, aviation gasoline, which is expensive. Since there is only one supplier, they're dependent on that company for fueling two-thirds of their aircraft.

Pray that MAF will be able to continue serving the needs of Christians working in the region who are helping supplies the physical needs of the Haitian people, but also their spiritual needs.

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