MAF flies patients in Haiti during COVID-19

By August 4, 2020

Haiti (MNN) — An impoverished country faces COVID-19 with sporadic electricity, but Mission Aviation Fellowship is working to bring help and hope in the name of Jesus.

COVID-19 in Haiti

During COVID-19, MAF has been using their planes to fly patients to Port-au-Prince. (Photo courtesy of MAF on Facebook)

MAF’s work in Haiti has been hindered by COVID-19, says David McCreery, MAF Regional Director of Latin America. “It has really shut down Haiti, and many of the flights that we do in Haiti are for missions that bring people in and out of the country to work with them. All of that has been closed down with the airlines not being able to go there. Read more about Haiti’s fight with COVID-19 here and here.

MAF was almost completely shut down by the virus, but they have been using their planes to transport patients, McCreery says. “Some of those were COVID-19. Some of them are other patients. We’ve evacuated multiple patients that then have had a medivac back to the States. We just fly within the country so we didn’t do the flight all the way back to the States. But we would evacuate the patient from a remote location to the [Port-au-Prince].”


Haiti also faces routine electricity blackouts due to a shortage of fuel. And this affects more than homes; hospitals and factories often find themselves unable to operate normally. Companies are generally unwilling to sell fuel in Haiti, as the devalued currency means they won’t make any profit.

Pray God will use MAF to spread the love of Jesus in Haiti. (Photo courtesy of MAF on Facebook)

The Haitian government is working to improve electric service in the country, but they face an uphill battle. Haiti has dealt with political instability, as even last year many tried to overthrow the current government.

How to pray

McCreery asks Christians to pray for MAF in Haiti as they continue to serve people and share the Gospel. “It is difficult for staff, and this time of COVID-19 in the world makes it even more difficult because the staff is getting a taste of isolation. Even though they are in difficult places and serve isolated people, they are even more isolated.”

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The header image shows MAF planes in the air. (Photo courtesy of MAF on Facebook)

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