MAF needs people to reach the unreached

By January 16, 2007

USA (MNN) — While there are many countries that aren’t friendly to Christians, that trend is changing a bit as Christians provide enticing services that can get them an invitation.

Mission Aviation Fellowship is one such organization that’s being allowed into countries that have been previously been inaccessible. MAF’s Ron Hillbrands says, “Most of these countries are not receptive to having a Christian missionary come in and translate the Bible or do a church plant or anything like that, but when you provide a service to them they’re open to allowing you to be there.” These technologies are already allowing them into Northern African and Central Asia.

Unfortunately, they don’t have enough people right now. Hillbrands says, “We could probably place 30 to 40 people immediately in different types of ministry. We need maintenance specialists in a number of different programs. We need pilots. We need people with information technology experience — computer type people. There’s one place that needs an auto mechanic, an operations manage, administrative assistants, finance people.” And, the list goes on and on.

According to Hillbrands, MAF isn’t responding to the needs of missionaries because they’re, “becoming more proactive in terms of going and being the first one into an area — to open up the area and allow other groups to come in to do other kinds of humanitarian work in some of these countries that won’t be receptive to a regular missionary,” says Hillbrands

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