Maidan: one year later

By February 23, 2015

Thousands gather in Maidan Square in Kiev to remember the Heavenly 100 on the anniversary of the revolution.
(Photo by Marina Parfinskaya).

Ukraine (MNN) — Thousands of people poured into the streets of Kiev, Ukraine, on the anniversary of the Maidan Revolution. One year ago, clashes between protestors and police toppled ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, sending Ukraine and Russia into a conflict that has reshaped borders and killed more than 5,000 in war-time violence.

An Alumnus of Cornerstone University Marina Parfinskaya lives in Kiev. “There are thousands of people here supporting the same cause. Many of them have tears in their eyes.”

Parfinskaya adds, “[Friday] was actually the memorial service for the Heavenly 100,” she says from Maidan Square. “They were the 100 people killed through the Maidan revolution.”

Marina Parfinskaya at the memorial for the Heavenly 100 at Maidan Square (Photo by Marina Parfinskaya).

Marina Parfinskaya at the memorial for the
Heavenly 100 at Maidan Square.
(Photo by Marina Parfinskaya).

She says while people are talking about the war, equally important to them is the economy. “The same amount of money that would have purchased $3,000 for me in national currency would purchase only $1,000 now. So, the income for an average person has dropped three times while the prices remain the same.”

Evangelical churches with the help of Mission Eurasia, Slavic Gospel Association, Reach Global, and SEND International are reaching out to refugees, war injured, and those searching for truth. Parfinskaya says many are searching. “People are much more open to talk about things that happen in the after-life. It’s hard for me to evaluate how much more, but every critical situation like we’re seeing makes people more open.”

Parfinskaya says the situation is bleak. How is she processing this? “I never in my entire life thought I would ever live through something like this. I’m having a bit of a difficulty coping, but I trust God. And it’s up to us to carry out that hope for somebody who may not believe right at the moment.”

She’s asking you to pray desperately for peace. Pray also that God touches the hearts of leaders who need Christ, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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