Maithili New Testament recordings nearly complete

By July 1, 2014

Maithili New Testament recordings are nearly complete!
(Image courtesy ASM)

South Asia (MNN) — There’s reason to rejoice in South Asia. One of the region’s 500+ languages is about to gain access to God’s Word. According to Audio Scripture Ministries, Maithili New Testament recordings are nearly complete.

Between 30 and 50 million people in eastern India and Nepal speak Maithili, and the language is mostly used by high-caste (Brahmin) Hindus. High-caste Hindus have a large influence on India’s culture and language, and “non-Brahmin” speech is generally regarded as inferior.

Audio Scripture Ministries helps non-readers have access to God’s Word with audio recordings of the Bible in their heart language. In a tough world, God’s Word in audio can provide some hope and the knowledge that there is a God who loves them enough to send His Own Son.

When editing is completed on the Maithili New Testament recordings, it will allow millions of people to hear the Gospel. For many, these audio Scriptures will be their first introduction to Jesus Christ and His offer of eternal salvation.

Pray that the day of completion arrives soon. Pray for workers who can carry God’s Word to Maithili speakers who’ve never heard about Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the work of ASM here.


  • cherrie:) says:

    Praise the LORD.

  • Sony Joy says:

    Praise The Lord.
    Happy to hear that the translation in Maithili New Testament recordings nearly complete. May God bless your effort for his glory. I am missionary working in Durbanga. Can u please guide me to how to download and use Maithili new testment for our ministry.

    Thank You
    Brother in christ
    Sony Joy

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