Make a difference in the Dominican Republic

By January 29, 2016

Dominican Republic (MNN/Buckner) — As Christians, we are people of action. Because God first loved us, we love others. Because of what God did for us, we shine hope into the lives of others. Because of who He is, we have faith. Because He first sent His Son for us, we go and take His gospel to all nations.

If you are a medical professional, you are invited to bring your skills and take the Good News to urban Santo Domingo with Buckner International May 31-June 6.

(Photo courtesy of Buckner International)

(Photo courtesy of Buckner International)

You will be working in a medical clinic and conducting hygiene and health education classes in the largest city in Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic has the ninth-largest economy in Latin America. Puerto Rico, on the other hand, has slipped and defaulted for the second time in the last five months. The U.S. territory has a debt of $72 billion, according to Latina News. Governor Alejandro García Padilla has said the amount could not be paid.

Many Puerto Ricans therefore are packing up and requesting visas to live in the Dominican Republic, looking for job opportunities.

“It used to be extremely rare for a Puerto Rican to stop by and seek a work visa,” Franklin Grullon, the Dominican consul in Suan Juan, Puerto Rico, told Fox News Latino. “There’s been a surge in all types of visas, and we believe this flow will only increase.”

With the influx of people, there is a greater need for medical help and spiritual help in Santo Domingo.

Through Buckner Missions, individuals and groups can live out their beliefs by sharing their faith, loving others, and shining hope into people’s lives. Click here to register for the Buckner trip before it’s too late!

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