Making Ebola Kick the Bucket

By February 9, 2015
Image courtesy of Reach Beyond

Image courtesy of Reach Beyond

Sierra Leone (RBD/MNN) — [EDITORS NOTE: The following is an initiative and request from Reach Beyond addressing the ongoing fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.]

In response to the growing Ebola crisis, Reach Beyond and its ministry partners are launching The Bucket Brigade in Sierra Leone.

According to Reach Beyond partners in West Africa, the most at-risk groups are children and families in quarantined areas. These families do not have access to food, clean water or disinfectants–all necessary to fighting the disease. Simply put, without food, starvation poses as much of a risk as the virus.

The Bucket Brigade is an effort to equip these families with the vital supplies they need to survive. Reach Beyond will provide large buckets containing food, soap, gloves, bleach, and other necessities. These basic supplies will enable a family of up to five to maintain proper hygiene and provide enough food to feed them for several weeks.

These simple items may be the difference between life and death for hundreds of people in Sierra Leone. And every bucket delivered is given in Jesus’ name, sharing His love at a time when they are desperate for physical help and spiritual hope.

Image courtesy of Reach Beyond

(Image courtesy of Reach Beyond)

For $100, you can provide a bucket of supplies to a family of up to five. Your gift of $100, $500, or whatever the Lord leads, can save lives if we act quickly enough.

Please give to today. A small investment can make a huge, life-saving difference.

[If you donate $35 or more, you receive a T-shirt. Reach Beyond also shares the opportunity to become an advocate for these isolated people in Sierra Leone. Click here to download the advocacy tools.]

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  • Terry Neu says:


    I am part of Final Command Ministries. We have done something very similar. We were able to send 4 containers of food and medical supplies specifically targeted for people with Ebola or under quarantine. God used this. There is still plenty of need. I am glad to see you are doing what you are doing.

    We partnered with New Harvest Ministries in Bo during our distributions. I am assuming you have on the ground partners, but if not, we would be happy to introduce you to our partners. New Harvest has churches in most villages in SL. Interestingly, due to Muslim burial practices, they saw a lot of Ebola in the villages where they don’t have churches. The food and supplies were a great “access ministry”. This was a case where a totally Christian organization ended up serving Muslim communities dis-proportionally due to the need. New Harvest shows the love of Christ through service, but there are never any strings attached to the food. You may want to talk to them.

    God bless your efforts!


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