Making the most of 2021

By March 2, 2021

International (MNN) — It’s been just over one year since the coronavirus became a common household term. And there’s no way of knowing how much longer it will be until we can truly say we are “out of the woods.” With so many unknowns, how can we still make the most of 2021? Brad Hutchcraft with On Eagles’ Wings (a division of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries) has a few thoughts:

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“In Exodus 4:2, the Lord said to Moses, ‘What’s that in your hand?’ And Moses says, ‘It’s the staff.’… God asked him to throw it down and then a few verses later in Exodus 4:20, it says, ‘So Moses started back to Egypt…and he took the staff of God in his hand.’ “It goes from the staff of Moses to the staff of God within a few verses. Why is that? Because God said, ‘Moses, let me use what’s already in your hand to make a difference. Give it to me and I will use it in a greater way than you could imagine.’ “How are you using the power of what is in your hand to reach and impact others?” Start by assessing your resources, passions, and skillsets. If you are passionate about mentoring teens, text a young person you know and ask how they could use prayer. And then really pray for them. Maybe you’re good at DIY projects — or at least enjoy them. Craft something to encourage a friend! If you’re into writing personal letters, send a heartfelt card to an elderly person in your church or community who may be lonely.

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Or perhaps you have financial resources. Send someone a gift card to say you’re thinking of them, even if it’s just $5 for coffee! You never know how God is going to use it in 2021. Hutchcraft says, “It’s clear the hope of Jesus is needed as much as ever. Will you dedicate whatever is in your hand to the Lord? Let it become the staff of God. Look to make a difference more this year than ever before. It’s going to change all around you, and it will change you for sure.”     Header photo courtesy of Marek Piwnicki via Unsplash.

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