Man known as “the devil” finds hope in the Gospel

By July 13, 2018
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Liberia (MNN) – While Christians make up a large portion of Liberia’s population, satanic practices like witchcraft are still very much alive in this part of the world.

There are many cases in which superstition and witchcraft rule communities with fear. That was the case in one Liberian community until a ministry worker dared to venture there with the truth of God’s Word.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press (WMP) says the community had become a stronghold for satanic activity. There was one spiritual leader who locals called the devil, and he had followers. The people in this area obeyed and feared him.

“The believers there were really hesitant to even enter this area,” Williams says.

World Missionary Press works with Wordsower Libera by supplying them with Scripture booklets. The leader of this ministry and WMP’s contact recently visited and sent back a report. Williams relays his story from that report:

liberia - map - pixabay“He was in the country, and he decided that he was going to visit this town. So, [the report] says he went into this town, and he found this man, sitting in front of a little shop. He said, ‘I sat down beside him, I shared the Gospel, I shared about heaven and hell. We both knew that many in the town were watching us from a distance. As I left, he publicly laughed and he ridiculed me.

“’About a month later, he found me in another town. As I approached him on a motorbike, he began waving frantically in the road. He beckoned me to stop. He said, “We need to talk. I want to know more about God, heaven, and hell.” We sat and talked. I reminded him about our time in front of the shop and he said, “Yes, I was only laughing on the outside.”

“’Today, this man, Peter, is a believer. He comes to our base to collect training material that we print on our printing press to take to the church that he attends in that town.’”

Williams says this is truly a testimony of how God’s Word has the power to break down spiritual strongholds. Furthermore, she says, “I just think that’s a wonderful demonstration that there is no one beyond the grace of God.”

The Boldness of the Gospel

The Gospel as revealed in God’s Word is not a message of fear. Even so, it is powerful. Williams says the locals in this village were able to grasp that fact even before they heard the Word themselves. And that was because the Christians were entering the village to share it with them. They were not afraid of “the devil.”

“By their going in, continuing to go in with boldness, if you will, that boldness had to come from the message that they had. And I think that’s the biggest demonstration to people that are held under these rulers and the satanists, fear, and false teaching and all of this, denying God.”

It is clear that God is working in Liberia. Would you like to be a part of that?

Williams says, “They’ve asked for prayer and we… have work going there, we have shipments that have gone, we have a national there. We have shipments that have gone, we have a national coordinator there. We have ministries there, and we’re going to be providing a thousand French New Testaments for this ministry as soon as we get them printed. They really need to get the New Testaments in. So we would ask for prayer for that– that, you know, the Word that’s there and the work that’s being done will continue and that we would be able to do what we can.”

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