Mandate focuses global learning to fine point for HCJB.

By November 6, 2006

Latin America (MNN)–75 years’ worth of dedication to world evangelism has yielded a more focused mandate for HCJB World Radio.

HCJB’s Dee Walker says that requires a vision for global planting that starts in Latin America. Part of that transformational goal is to see believers mobilized for evangelistic work.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means using their strengths to teach others in evangelistic work. It’s leadership development and mobilization. “We believe that this mobilization center would be a powerful tool to use in making sure that this strategy of training–training trainers to train others–would be very successful.”

It also makes sense to springboard from their home base. Walker says they’re starting in Latin America because that’s where they have their heritage. “We have the technical knowledge, we have the history, we have the personnel, we have the partnerships.”

Their desire is to integrate discipleship with practical tools to equip the growing church around the world and see lives transformed.

Additionally, it’s one of the few places in Latin America where training media and medical professionals is done within a Christian context. That will eventually mean what they produce from the Mobilization Center will serve as a model for growth on an international scale.

He says, “One of the things that we’re looking at is to have a center in Latin America but then another approach would be to have a mobile center that moves to different regions. Once we’ve set everything in motion, a mobile center that moves to different regions so that we do not uproot the local believers from their immediate vicinities.”

What remains to be seen is what develops from the third generation touched by this outreach, propelled by a Christian worldview and successfully growing the church body.

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