Manga Messiah program impacts juvenile detention center

By February 4, 2015
(Photo cred: CBI)

(Photo credit CBI)

USA (MNN) — Several years ago, Crossroad Bible Institute started the Manga Messiah program. This program was originally designed to be a Bible study for children of inmates.

Dr. David Schuringa, president CBI, says that the Manga Messiah program has been used as a beautiful blessing from God.

This program has stretched to a detention center for the families of undocumented immigrants in Arizona. This helps with many of the Spanish-speaking children who rush into the country seeking protection. CBI is very excited they are able to share the love of Christ with them.

This program is especially helping young people come to Christ.The Manga Messiah program is impacting a juvenile detention center in Arizona. CBI receives testimonies regulrarly from young people talking about prayer requests and praises for the Lord.

Although this was designed to just be for children of inmates, it has started changing and taking forms CBI never anticipated. This program has been translated to Spanish so that more families and immigrants can access the story of Salvation.

It is a composite story of the life of Christ that is extremely accessible and easy to understand.

The program at Crossroad tends to follow an evangelistic event with the story of Salvation. After that, the students are able to be disciples for a longer amount of time with the Manga Messiah program. These baby Christians are taken by the hand and taught how to walk and then run right after giving their life to Christ, Schuringa says.

In other places like Australia and Canada, CBI is using the Manga Messiah program for adults who have trouble speaking English. The program not only breaks the Gospel story down so they can understand it, but it also helps them with their English-speaking skills and literary understanding.

CBI is considering writing a second course because they are not sure if the first one is enough. Whether or not they will write another one is undecided, Schuringa says.

Why should people care about the Manga Messiah program or the people it is impacting? Because Jesus cares. Schuringa says that Jesus cared for the least of these, and it is our job to be like Jesus and care for and love the least of these.

To find out more ways to pray and obtain information about the Manga Messiah project, click here.

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  • Jim Battle says:

    I am a low-intermediate Spanish-speaking African American who lives in Phoenix and Nogales Arizona, a border town next to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. I am retired and would like to help you with Spanish-speaking immigrants, adults and/or children. I can read and write Spanish better than most native speakers in Mexico and wish to use my abilities to serve the Lord by serving these people. Please let me know what I can do.

    Jim (Jaime) Battle

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