Many Muslims in the North America turning to Christ

By March 12, 2007

USA (MNN) — While the world is focused on the war on
terrorism, the crisis in Iraq and Afghanistan and instability in Iran, God is
doing a miraculous work in the heats of Arabs. But, it's not where you think.
Lives are being changed in North America, says Aril Edvardsen, an evangelist
supported by The Bridge International .

From a small village in Norway, Edvardsen is now reaching
around the world with the message of salvation not just on radio and
television, but through the internet. While thousands respond to his Arabic
broadcasts in the Muslim world, Edvardsen says, "What surprised me and
really shocked me, is the great response that comes from Arabs in the United
States and Canada. In the last few months more than 30,000 Arabs living in
North America have responded and are interested in being saved and interested
in the Gospel."

According to Edvardsen, the Arabs in the United States are
ready for the Gospel. "It's a ripe field. We can bring them the Gospel and
the Gospel makes people peaceful. So, I have been a little surprised that few
Americans — great television evangelists — are not focusing on these

The message Edvardsen is sharing is the Gospel, but it's not
through preaching. "It's mostly true life stories of true life people that
have experienced a miracle. The program is called, 'Miracle.' And, the miracle
is basically the miracle of salvation. And, we have many Muslims that have
experienced that miracle."

Muslims aren't only responding in North America. It's also
happening in other regions. Some of these areas are considered strongholds. "Just
last month about 1,000 people wanted to be saved in Saudi Arabia," he

Edvardsen has a theory about why so many Muslims are
interested in following Christ. "They are sick and tired of seeing in
their own religion this terrorism. I think they are open because they see in
the so called Christian countries there is more peace."

Right now there's no peace in the Muslim world. Insurgent
suicide bombers take lives of fellow Muslims almost every day. Last week alone
more than 100 people we killed in these ruthless Muslim against Muslim attacks.

Instead of being afraid and attacking Muslims out of that
fear, Christians in the west need to learn how to reach out to them in
Christian love. 

If you'd like to support Edvardsen's work through The Bridge
International, click here.

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