Many turning to Christ through Christian radio in Mongolia

By March 5, 2007

Mongolia (MNN) — It's been nearly four years since a fire
nearly destroyed WIND-FM in Mongolia, but the Far East Broadcast Company ministry
continues sharing the Gospel and have plans to grow.

Director of FEBC Mongolia and WIND-FM's Manager Bot
Tuvshintsengel says Christianity has grown dramatically since the fall of
communism. "From only knowing four believers in 1990, the church has grown
to about 40,000. So, that's about 10,000 a year in the last 16 years. And,
basically, our goal by the year 2020 is to make 10-percent of our population
disciples of Jesus Christ," says Tuvshintsengel.

Since the fall of communism, Tuvshintsengel says people feel
lost. "They have basically lost all the identities and now they're very
much interested in the answers that the Gospel gives to the lives of people.
We're actually targeting young families so that they can understand the Gospel
so that they can be a blessing to the nation," he adds.

WIND-FM invites pastors in to the studio to help answer
important life questions. Many text message or call in questions to these
pastors who then share answers with the biblical world view.

While WIND-FM wants to grow, Tuvshintsengel says there are a
few things holding them back. "Christianity is so young. We very much lack
Christian professions. We would like to see more and more Christians training
in journalism (and) in social work."

The goal is to expand the radio outreach throughout the
nation, but it's a challenge. Half of the people live in the city,
while the other half are nomadic herdsman. That leaves few options says
Tuvshintengel. "Either through syndication or either through building more
relay radio stations around the county so we can reach out to them."

However, WIND-FM has the desire to do even more work.
"There are about six-million Mongolians that are living in China and we as
the church in Mongolia feel that is our immediate responsibility to take the
Gospel to these people as well. And, so either through radio or either through
internet radio we would like to reach these people also."

Funding is needed for WIND-FM's outreach plans. Pray that
many people will respond to those needs and more Christians would receive the
training needed to help expand their ministry so even more Mongolians can hear
the Gospel.

Click here if you'd like to make a donation to
FEBC-Mongolia's WIND-fm ministry.

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