Marseille Festival underway

By June 3, 2011

France (MNN) — When the permit was granted for the Palau team to proclaim the Gospel on one of the largest beaches on Marseille, France, the ministry was stunned but thankful. The Marseille Provence Festival with Luis Palau will be held from June 30 – July 2 on Plage du Prado beaches.

The Plage du Prado beaches are pivotal attractions in Marseille, their claim to fame being that they are the most central, populated, and expansive set of beaches in France. No place could be more perfect for the proclamation of the Good News in southern France. Thousands of people flock to these beaches with the summer sun, and the Marseille Provence Festival will grant the Palau team an incredible opportunity to preach the Gospel for God's glory.

But the opportunity doesn't stop there. Not only will the Marseille Provence Festival be reaching out to the thousands of beach-goers, but thanks also to a partnership with two major television stations, the festival will be broadcast throughout Eastern Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. With the granting of this permit, God has opened a door not only in southern France, but the chance to touch millions of lives in other countries through broadcast.

France wasn't always so gracious with the preaching of the Gospel. The country has had a long history of restricting open preaching of the Word of God. Since 1905 when France passed a law separating church and state and requiring religion be kept private, Christianity has declined in the country. With 1 million people living in the Marseille region, there are only 4,000 active believers. France is in dire need of men and women of faith who will take action and reach out to a society separated from Christ.

This is just what Luis Palau and his team hope to accomplish in the Marseille Provence Festival. However, the team is struggling as they won't be able to cover all the financial needs for this major undertaking. This presents a rare opportunity for Christians all around the world to lend a hand and participate in the furthering of the Gospel. For example, a simple gift of $20 allows 152 people to be reached with the message of Christ.

The team not only asks for monetary support, but they also covet your prayers. Please pray for Luis as he prepares his messages that the Gospel would be clear, and that the Lord would be preparing the hearts of His listeners. Also, please pray for Jose Zayas who will be arriving in Marseilles on the first week of June to train the festival counselors and speak in local churches.

Excitement in the team is building as the festival approaches. In an area where the spiritual climate is dark with the apathy of unbelievers, the "harvest is ready." If you would like to contribute to this historic event for the furtherance of God's Kingdom, you can visit

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