Mass media outreach to Spanish-speaking world underway

By November 8, 2011

International (MNN) — This week, the Luis Palau Association is hosting Continente 2011, a
mass-media outreach spanning the entire Spanish-speaking world.

is a rare opportunity," says Palau. "It's not often that the Lord
gives us the chance to reach an entire continent with the clear message of
Jesus Christ through live television." For the second year in a row, their team is praying that millions will tune in as Palau
presents the Spanish-speaking world with the Gospel.

In partnership
with Spanish television network Enlace, the Palau Association will produce four
nights of Night Talk, a live Q-and-A program featuring Luis Palau.  Beginning Monday night, the program will run
through Thursday night, allowing callers from 26 countries to ask tough
questions and get Biblical answers and guidance from a team of trained
counselors and Palau.

During each
broadcast, Luis will take the opportunity to present a clear and simple message
sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This is a
multi-media saturation evangelism event with
the goal of reaching at least five million people with the Gospel. There are over 5000 partnering
TV stations airing the program live and repeating broadcasts of the program.

It will also stream
and be broadcast on several Spanish-language radio stations in Latin America
and across the United States.

This is where the
pre-planning will be effective. Partnering
with nearly 700 churches and having online resources will allow teams to have personal
contact as they follow-up with new believers and get them plugged into a local
church. They'll also be able to provide copies
of the New Testament in Spanish.

Continente 2011 represents an exciting opportunity to bring encouragement, hope, training, and salvation to the entire Spanish-speaking
world. Please be praying for this outreach and for hearts to be open to the hope of Christ.

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