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Published on 09 January, 2012

Massacre of 39 in DRC a reminder of why Wycliffe trauma counseling is vital

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — 39 people were massacred in the Democratic Republic of Congo last week.

These deaths, though caused by Rwandan rebels, add to the existing trauma from years of war. Death has been a frequent caller to DR Congo in the form of a brutal war that began in the mid-'90s. It has directly or indirectly killed an estimated 5.4 million people in the Central African nation.

Most Congolese citizens have been deeply traumatized by the unspeakable brutality that has touched nearly every city and village in Africa's third-largest country. Church leaders and social agencies have been ill-equipped to respond to the overwhelming needs they've encountered.

Now a growing group of concerned individuals and organizations–including Wycliffe Bible Translators–are banding together to provide a biblical response to the deep trauma that has crippled the nation. Trauma healing is using the Scriptures in ways that really speak to people.

Wycliffe is seeking to bring healing to the DR Congo, as well as to share the hope of Christ with those who have suffered. Pray for those ministering to the traumatized, that they would have strength to walk this road of healing with them.

To learn more about Wycliffe's trauma counseling in DR Congo, click here.

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