Matching grant will help complete 15 Bible translation projects

By July 12, 2011

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — According to the Joshua Project, 25% of Papua New Guinea is comprised of evangelical Christians.

Clearly the Gospel is moving ahead, but many in the island nation have yet to receive the Scriptures in their heart languages. According to SIL's Ethnologue, 830 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea, representing 12% of the world's languages. Although English is the nation's official language, few in Papua New Guinea speak it.

To help push the country's translation projects toward completion, Wycliffe Associates is raising matching funds for the New Ireland Translation Institute (NITI) in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

Following through on a new model of collaboration of Bible translation organizations, reports a Wycliffe Associates press release, the Bible translation acceleration ministry is helping national translation teams at the institute to get the New Testament translated into the last 15 languages in the region that are without Scripture.

National translators living in the New Ireland Province regularly travel from their villages to the New Ireland Translation Institute to carry out the work of Bible translation. They rely heavily on the support of Wycliffe Associates for everything from their food during the training to the computers they use for translation work.

"These people are committed to bringing God's Word to their people," says Bruce Smith, president and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. "Despite impossible travel conditions, health problems, and personal tragedy, they persevere! Nothing can stop them, except for a lack of funds."

This year, it will cost $270,000 to fund the 15 translation projects underway at the New Ireland Translation Institute. Through a matching challenge, gifts to support Bible translation at the New Ireland Translation Institute will be doubled.

You can help reach these goals and finish the New Testament in 15 languages by allowing your gift to Wycliffe Associates to be doubled. Give to the ministry at


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