Matching grant could send 800,000 Indian kids to Bible Club

By March 15, 2022

India (MNN) — Do you want to be a part of turning the spiritual tide in India for Christ? India is the most unreached nation in the world, but Mission India sees Gospel doors opening — with the younger generation and their families!

From March 1st through April 30th, every dollar donated to Mission India’s 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs will be doubled by their Proclaim Matching Challenge, up to $400,000.

Normally, it costs $1 to send one child in India to a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club. But with the Proclaim Matching Challenge at Mission India, $1 will now sponsor two kids!

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

If Mission India reaches their challenge goal, that means 800,000 kids will get a spot in a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club this year.

Erik with Mission India explains, “The 10-Day Bible Club is very much like a vacation Bible school here in the US that parents send their kids to in the summer for a week or so…. It’s a 10-Day vacation Bible school, essentially. These are run all throughout India and we invite kids from all the communities that these Bible Clubs are being run.”

At the 10-Day Children’s Bible Club, kids get to make new friends, play games, have some structure to their day, and learn about God’s love for them.

“The impact that these clubs can have, they don’t just impact kids. What we’re seeing there is kids are changed. Then they’re bringing the life-changing message of Jesus to their families and then kids are leading their parents to Jesus…. It has the opportunity then to have ripple effects generationally from that one child.”

Erik says, “I really don’t know many other places on earth where $1 gets to send a kid to a 10-day experience. When you think about a summer youth camp here in the US, I don’t think they’re going for $1. So being able to provide that to families is just incredible.”

Click here to donate to Mission India’s Proclaim Matching Challenge!

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

In addition, Erik asks for prayer. “Pray that we match our matching challenge amount so that 800,000 children have the opportunity to go. Also, be praying for these children as they attend a 10-Day Bible Club. May their hearts and their minds be open to the love of Jesus.

“Then finally…pray for these families as these kids leave the Bible Clubs this summer and go back to their families each evening. May they be open to what their children share about what they’ve learned.”



Header photo courtesy of Mission India.